Ctrack adds another dimension to 2018 Rallystar Rally



The third round of South Africa’s National Rally Championship (NRC) – the 2018 Rallystar Rally – takes place on 25 and 26 May at the Carousel Hotel and Casino complex between Pretoria and Bela-Bela in the North-West province.

Rally fans can look forward to fast paced rally action this weekend on the newly relocated Rallystar premises, as well as a spectacular tar stage in the main parking area of the Casino grounds.

Once again race organisers will be using NRC partner Ctrack’s advanced vehicle tracking capabilities to track and monitor the competitors.

Ctrack tracking units will monitor braking and cornering forces of the cars, as well as the top speeds recorded by all participants at critical stages of the two-day event. Ctrack’s tracking units add an extra dimension to the information that is available to the SA Rally control room and race marshals, and affords them better insights into what is happening at every race.

Critically, emergency personnel will be notified should a vehicle be involved in a crash or rollover, making it possible to reach the exact location quickly. The control room will track the cars on laptops using advanced software, while emergency personnel and marshals will use the Ctrack mobile app on their mobile phones.




“Ctrack’s solutions and software capabilities are put to the ultimate test and go beyond expectations on the NRC circuit,” says Cobus Grove, COO for Ctrack Global.

“The Ctrack solution supports both quick decision making in emergency situations, and supports results analysis in each of the stages of the rally. We are proud to be associated with Rally SA, where driving excellence is actively combined with our innovative technical solution.”

South Africa’s NRC is one of the premier events on SA Motorsport’s racing calendar, and is celebrating its 27th year of competition this year.

Friday’s action starts at 14:00 with Stage 1 at Rallystar’s tight and twisty track, where after the action for Stage 2 moves to the 32km stage on the Settlers road. This section will truly test the endurance of man and machine!

Back at the Carousel Hotel and Casino, the action starts again at 18:00 for Stages 3 and 4. These are both tar sections that will start at approximately 18:00 in the main parking area of the Casino Complex.

On Saturday morning, the action starts from 08:00 at Rallystar for Stage 5. Competitors then move out to the Settlers area for the highly demanding Stages 6 and 7 which start at 09:35 and repeats at 11:00.

Stages 8 and 9 will be a repeat of the Rallystar stages at the Carousel from 13:00.

The grand finale takes place in the parking area in front of the Casino complex, starting from 14:20.

Enjoy rallying? Check out these two videos from the South African National Rally Championship: