Ctrack by Inseego, a leading vehicle telematics, tracking and fleet management services provider, has added even more features to the Ctrack Iris video monitoring and telematics solution, enabling fleet operators even more control and productivity from their vehicles and assets.

By monitoring crew activities, it is possible to improve and enforce company processes and procedures and reduce theft, pilferage and stock damage. Furthermore, the video solution from Ctrack can improve vehicle route optimisation, increase load frequency and hasten turnaround times.

Ctrack Iris is a high-quality, customisable video monitoring solution ideal for rental vehicles, light deliveries, fleet vehicles, heavy commercials, general machinery and busses, and will now feature a newly developed dashcam.

Apart from a dual view (front and cab-facing) camera solution with infra-red night vision, the new three channel dash cam includes ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System). ADAS includes a range of electronic systems that help the driver while driving. When designed with a safe human-machine interface, they are intended to increase car safety and more generally road safety.




While most road accidents occur due to human error, the automated system which is provided by ADAS is proven to reduce road fatalities by minimizing these errors.

ADAS safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by offering technologies that alert the driver or operations centre to potential problems.

Fatigue monitoring can be added to the Ctrack dash cam as an optional extra. This will require a third camera to be equipped to the dashcam specifically targeting the facial features of the driver, picking up on anomalies such as smoking, looking down at a cell phone or any out of the ordinary behaviour.

ADAS alerts drivers to other cars or imminent dangers and has a lane departure warning system. Video footage can be recorded in eight quality settings and real-time video streaming can be viewed on mobile devices giving fleet managers / operators absolute control over their asset.

Fleet owners can also benefit from a reduced number of insurance claims and settle claims much faster by using video evidence from the stored Iris footage. Iris can also be used to lower fuel consumption and improve vehicle maintenance through better driving, while also reducing diesel and goods-in-transit theft.

Ctrack Iris is supported by cloud-based, web software and a password protected mobile application. These platforms provide video and dashboard event management, and alarm triggers in real-time, ensuring reduced asset risk, more productive drivers, productive route management and ultimately reduced operating costs.

Ctrack Iris is a sustainable, long-term video tracking solution of the highest order, keeping your assets “Always Visible”.

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