Ctrack announces total transport solution for commercial fleets in South Africa


Fleet owners can now equip their truck trailers with jamming detection devices

Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions specialist Ctrack today announced a total transport solution to fleet owners by combining fleet management with the ability to detect signal jamming from criminals intending to steal precious cargo.

The announcement was made on the heels of the Transport Forum’s monthly Special Interest Group (SIG) event held in Johannesburg, which brings together highly-recognised thought leaders to discuss the most prominent issues that the South African transport industry is facing today.

According to Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions, the combined fleet management and jamming detection solution provides fleet owners and operators with an extra security precaution that keeps vehicles always visible in the presence of jamming conditions. “With signal jamming becoming a reality, we are now able to offer our customers the option of installing a non-GSM jamming detection module as part of their fleet management system to ensure continuous visibility, helping to combat vehicle theft,” Jordt said.

As signal jamming has the ability to prevent a telematics unit from broadcasting its position to the service provider, it is being increasingly used by criminals to hijack trucks and trailers. “Hijackers use a range of jamming systems to block tracking devices from communicating via the cellular networks or via satellite. Once jammed, they typically hijack the vehicle or work with the driver to move it to a location where they offload its valuable cargo,” said Jordt.

Ctrack’s jamming detection device provides extra security against these types of criminal activity. With Ctrack’s fleet management component, operators are able to monitor driver behaviour such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering as well as over speeding. Significant fuel and maintenance costs will also be saved through monitoring factors such as engine performance and fuel consumption.

According to Harry van Huyssteen, custodian of the Transport Forum, combating crime is enhanced when different stakeholders work closely together. “Experience over time brings about best practices. The Transport Forum plays an important role in providing a platform for collaboration between stakeholders such as truck and cargo owners, Ctrack, the South African Police Service and organisations such as the Consumer Goods Council (CGCSA).”

Ctrack has recently renewed its sponsorship with the Transport Forum, showing its commitment to keep transforming the transport and logistics industry. Together, they have addressed various industry-related challenges by promoting, among others, the development of transport corridors, private investment in transport infrastructure, and the integration of transport information and planning systems.

“Since the very start, Ctrack was involved not only as sponsor, but as a keen supporter. Its products and services are relevant to the business challenges of the Transport Forum target audience,” said van Huyssteen.

Picture: Harry van Huyssteen (left) and Charles Horak, Call Centre Manager of Ctrack. Horak was one of the presenters at the Transport Forum’s SIG meeting on Thursday.

About Transport Forum

The Transport Forum is one of the initiatives that resulted from a strategic approach in 2005 from Arivia.Kom, who decided to adapt to the latest trends in innovative business management by connecting its employees on a business level to role-players in the industry. These include industry business management, regulatory bodies, research institutions, academic institutions, as well as other ICT solution providers.

Monthly Special Interest Group meetings are held, where credible speakers on transport-related themes of national importance are invited to present their perspective on a specific discipline within the transport industry. Themes explored relate to transport, logistics and information technology. The knowledge distilled from these sessions is made freely available to all participants. www.transportsig.com.