Ctrack Fleet Monitoring Services Help Curb Diesel Theft and Fraud for Massyn Vervoer


Rich fleet analytics reports also used to eliminate speed limit violations

Vehicle tracking and fleet management specialist Ctrack by Inseego recently enabled long haulage company Massyn Vervoer to identify diesel theft and fraud within their company shortly after subscribing to Ctrack’s new Fleet Monitoring Services.

Ctrack has been tracking Massyn Vervoer’s fleet for the past fifteen years. However, after identifying the need for an advanced telematics information and fleet management service,  Ctrack introduced its Fleet Monitoring Services, a full outsource of fleet control room activities, to the company. Dedicated fleet controllers support Massyn Vervoer’s entire fleet from Ctrack’s national Support Centre, with 24/7 eyes-on-screen fleet and route monitoring and response services to incident alerts and alarms. The services also include highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and reporting for streamlining  fleet operations.

Using Ctrack’s Fleet Analytics, Massyn Vervoer was able to validate toll road transactions, which identifed a driver who was regularly abusing a fuel card for non-work purposes. On another occasion, the reports backed by real-time fleet and route monitoring was able to pinpoint a driver who was illegally offloading fuel.

The Ctrack solution has enabled them to monitor their fleet’s speeding events. As a result, Massyn Vervoer virtually eliminated speed limit violations bringing incidents down from 200 per month to just two.

“Fuel can account for as much as 25% for a long haulage trucking company and the rise in fuel theft and fraud poses a serious threat to transporters’ operating profits. With regards to this, it undeniably benefitted Massyn Vervoer to invest in our Fleet Monitoring Services to help eliminate these types of risks,” said Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions.

“Our newest division helps customers use the vast amounts of data generated from their fleet management systems. It provides information for critical decision making, from cost savings to future investments. Our developers are constantly growing and improving the model to best suit our client needs,” Jordt concluded.