Ctrack introduces industry-first solution for ensuring RTMS compliance


One-stop software platform for easy storage and analysis of data for auditing purposes

In an industry-first move, vehicle tracking and fleet management company Ctrack, a subsidiary of Novatel Wireless (Nasdaq:MIFI) recently demonstrated how their advanced fleet management software is being used to simplify auditing purposes for members of the Road Transport Management System (RTMS). The software solution was presented at the monthly Transport Forum Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting held in Cape Town last week.

According to Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions, this is the first platform of its kind to manage and store all information related to RTMS certification. More importantly, the platform includes policy guidelines that explain the different segments of RTMS requirements in detail. In this way, fleet managers can constantly check whether they are adhering to RTMS standards, and implement the necessary actions for compliance early through using Ctrack’s fleet management software.

The platform was created after Ctrack identified a need for an efficient, all-in-one software tool to manage and keep track of the standard road safety and transport productivity guidelines as set out by the RMTS. The solution integrates with Ctrack’s existing advanced fleet management software suite, FleetConnect. This fully customisable platform enables the fleet owner to administer, manage and support the different aspects of their fleet’s activities.

Since its inception in 2004, the RTMS certification has grown to become an official SABS standard in the South African heavy vehicle transport sector. Today, nearly 10 000 trucks and buses are certified with the self-regulation scheme, with companies audited on an annual basis according to a strict set of requirements. These include guidelines on the maintenance of roadworthy vehicles, improving driver behaviour, and optimisation of load.

“Using this software to its fullest not only makes it easier for fleet owners to adhere to the RTMS standards, but also for auditors. Theoretically, auditors could access the fleet owner’s web portal with a once-off password annually, and audit the fleet. This access will significantly reduce the amount of paperwork to be inspected at the transporter’s premises,” he said.

Besides getting the RTMS capability, Ctrack FleetConnect also integrates all other components of fleet management into a singular centralised database. This serves as a one-stop platform for assessing fleet analysis and fleet trends, managing the risk associated with the fleet, viewing multiple hierarchical reporting structures, and a variety of other tools.

“Ctrack recognises the critical role that the RTMS plays in preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety and increasing the productivity of the logistics value chain,” said Jordt. “By making sure the annual auditing process goes smoothly, we hope to encourage more fleet owners and operators to invest in becoming RTMS accredited.”

“This platform will enhance the rollout and implementation of RTMS for all transport operators, and also ease the annual auditing process by third party auditors exponentially,” said Kathy Bell, board member of RTMS.