Ctrack renews Transport Forum sponsorship with continued efforts to keep transforming the Transport Industry


Global vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company, Ctrack has renewed its sponsorship agreement with The Transport Forum.  The renewal has been welcomed as it provides Ctrack a valuable national communication forum that addresses the needs, challenges and solutions pertinent in the transport industry.

Transport Forum facilitates effective management sessions that enhance two-way communication between state and stakeholders relating to various aspects including road safety and traffic congestion issues.

“Ctrack enjoys the ability of being at the forefront of discussions, meeting and networking with stakeholders and sharing technology solutions beneficial to the industry”, adds Nick Vlok, DigiCore CEO, supplier of Ctrack

Harry van Huyssteen, Transport Forum Custodian adds, “The Transport Forum is a highly recognised platform for thought leadership by organisations and individuals who are active in the transport and logistics industry, as well as individuals who have the interests of the transport industry at heart.”

Ctrack was one of the three founding sponsors of The Transport Forum, which was established in 2007, along with the University of Johannesburg and T-systems.

“As an active member for seven years Ctrack has kept our members abreast of developments in the vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions space” concluded Van Huyssteen.