Ctrack sees more than two-thirds increase in hijackings and vehicle theft as holiday season begins


Since the beginning of December, Ctrack’s response team has been on high alert as a significant increase in hijackings and car thefts has taken place. Compared to the first week in December of last year, Ctrack has seen a 61% increase in these incidents.

Fuel tankers remain a key target for hijackers and thieves because of the cargo that they transport. Recently, two fuel tankers were stolen from the Witbank yard of a petrochemical goods transporter.

The criminals had used a sophisticated signal jamming device which is being used more frequently in trying to outwit the tracking companies by interfering with communications. Despite this, the tanker fitted with a Ctrack device was recovered within a matter of hours and their recovery team also assisted in the recovery of the other vehicle.

“With the December holidays in full swing, car owners and fleet operators need to be vigilant and ensure that their vehicles are parked securely at all times,” said Pierre Bruwer, MD of Ctrack.