Ctrack well-poised to facilitate Africa IoT potential


Equipped with IoT-enabling technology, asset and vehicle tracking solutions company Ctrack, part of Inseego Corp., is ideally primed to help usher in the next revolution in 2017 and beyond.

 The world is currently undergoing a transformation towards an era described as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” – a revolution which combines the physical, digital and biological realms that will maximise business optimisation and enhance quality of life. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), which involve connectivity, devices, and big data analytics, form a significant part of this next revolutionary phase.  In the transport industry, the “things” mostly refer to vehicles and the people driving them, which can be controlled, monitored and managed via web software and applications.

According to research and industry experts, both Africa as a continent and transportation as an industry are well-positioned to take full advantage of IoT in the upcoming years. In fact, we might even end up leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution globally.

The latest World Economic Forum on Africa (Rwanda, May 2016), which was largely focused on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, suggested how IoT may become Africa’s next great “leapfrogging” success story.

Africa ahead

Africa has already been using exponential technologies as a way to overcome infrastructure deficiencies and economic disadvantages and to accelerate the continent’s success.

For example, a Ugandan sensor technology, called Matibabu, can diagnose malaria without a blood sample through a smartphone. 3D printing technology has empowered SA surgeons to create a low-cost jaw implant, making them pioneers in this practice. UjuziKilimo, developed in Kenya, furthermore provides farmers with customised planting recommendations through the use of sensors that measure and analyse soil qualities.

Says Ctrack SA’s MD Pierre Bruwer, “Sub-Saharan Africa’s unique challenges can be turned into opportunity with the advantages that come with IoT.  Ctrack’s tools, technology and skills enable us to develop and deliver   leading end-to-end solution within the transport industry.”

Transportation makes tracks

Research giant Forrester’s “The Internet of Things Heat Map” – has identified fleet management in transportation to be one of the “hottest” areas for IoT growth.

Advancement in transportation is largely being driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, with wireless technology as the enabler. And it’s through the combination of Wi-Fi and IoT, that individuals and companies can enjoy smarter, more robust, and sophisticated transportation systems.

“These days, big data analytics is the lifeblood of telematics technology. IoT, connectivity, and onboard technologies all allow for data insights that provide maximum profit potential,” explains Bruwer. “Ctrack regularly collaborates with some of the leading internationally renowned transport research institutions to work with big data and continuously raise the level of solutions for our customers.”

Given that road accidents are currently costing SA’s economy R142.95 billion annually, according to a 2016 study conducted by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), investing in a full-stack solution like Ctrack is a step in the right direction for the transport industry.


 With the future and IoT in mind, Ctrack became part of Inseego in 2015. This allowed the company to further strengthen its position as a world-leading provider of advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and telematics solutions.

“As part of Inseego, we can offer our clients a true end-to-end solution comprised of a comprehensive hardware portfolio, platform and cloud services, and integration and support,” says Bruwer. “None of our competitors can match the combination of hardware expertise and the platform depth and analytics capabilities of our offerings.”

Ctrack considers itself firmly future-orientated and well-poised to make the Fourth Industrial Revolution a reality – not only in Africa, but across the globe.

“We are excited to be a part of Africa’s growing potential to lead such a significant historical transformation and to enable our clients to be a part of it as well,” concludes Bruwer.