Ctrack’s emergency support service crucial as holiday season nears


Vehicle tracking and telematics service provider, Ctrack, has added a new emergency response service to its vehicle tracking products.

The new service, a first for the vehicle tracking and telematics industry in South Africa, provides immediate, guaranteed access to ambulance services, countrywide, as well as
R10 000 in hospital costs cover, among other benefits.

Ctrack clients already using an active Ctrack tracking unit in their personal or fleet vehicle/s can add the service for a minimal additional monthly fee. New clients can order the service when signing a new Ctrack contract.

In so doing, they receive emergency medical evacuation in the event of a motor vehicle accident – by road or air – via ambulance to the most appropriate medical facility, thanks to Ctrack’s access to the dedicated Evac24 hotline.

Evac24 provides the largest network of approved medical evacuation services and ambulances in South Africa. When an incident occurs, the closest ambulance is identified and dispatched upon instruction from Ctrack.

That instruction is created by Crashguard, a Ctrack technology that detects unusually high G-forces in vehicles. High G-forces in vehicles are synonymous with sudden impacts, crashes and vehicle rollovers.

Ctrack clients that add the service benefit from guaranteed acceptance into the nearest hospital, accidental death cover of R10 000 as well as accidental disability cover of R10 000.

Furthermore, Ctrack provides a R1 000 hospital cash benefit, per day, for every day the client is in hospital, up to a maximum of 90 days.

Road safety and professional medical care are core strategic pillars at Ctrack, as Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack SA explains: “Fleet statistics from our customer base show that 32% of vehicles are driving at higher speeds during the last two months of the year. With that risk comes an increase in the number of harsh braking incidents.

“These are some of the signs that a possible accident is imminent. While fleet owners can take corrective action, Ctrack believes that this new service also takes care of drivers and crew, should accidents occur.”

Source: https://www.arrivealive.co.za/news.aspx?s=1&i=36756&page=Ctrack-s-emergency-support-service-crucial-as-holiday-season-nears