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How Ctrack vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle response can benefit you.

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Whether you need a basic vehicle tracking solution with stolen vehicle response for insurance purposes, or something more advanced to keep your family safe and secure, Ctrack has you covered with our range of products.


“I want insurance savings and some extra features”

Ctrack Insure is our standard vehicle tracking system that includes stolen vehicle response services and the ability to remotely locate your vehicle on your mobile phone, by simply sending an SMS. This vehicle tracking option usually qualifies you for reduced insurance premiums.

STANDARD Insure includes these added benefits.

SMS Vehicle Location

SMS ‘P’ to get an accurate GPS based vehicle location.

Battery/System Tamper Alarms (Early Warning Alerts)

Receive SMS notifications if your vehicle is tampered with – alerting you of potential theft.

Stolen Vehicle Response (Pro-active)

24/7/365 assistance provided in searching for a stolen or missing vehicle based on tampers and alarms.


“I want added safety and security for my family”

Ctrack Secure is our advanced vehicle tracking system backed by our stolen vehicle response services. Included is the ability to view your vehicle’s status, movements and trips on any of your devices in real time, as well as an electronic logbook, no-go area alerts, and many other features to ensure the safety and security of your family.

Internet Tracking on Map from a computer or from a smart device.

E-Panic Alarm

SMS ‘E’ to activate emergency support via your mobile phone.

High-Risk Area Monitoring

Create preferred areas or no-go zones and be pro-actively alerted should you enter a high risk area.

SARS Compliant Logbook

Electronic report that separates business and private trips to create a SARS compliant logbook.

WatchMode Arming

SMS ‘W’ when parked and you will be alerted via SMS of any vehicle movement.

Panic Remote*

Button remote to activate emergency support.

*Optional product/feature

Trip Reporting (Map or List)

View or download historical trips using

Logbook Remote*

Prompts you to assign trips as either business or private.

*Optional product/feature

Add extra protection

Advanced Protector is available as an add-on to any Ctrack Vehicle Tracking product, or as a standalone value added service.

Advanced Protector“I want to ensure the safety of my family”

A bundle of emergency and support services to give you and your family that additional peace of mind when on the road.

Helps me out in emergencies

SOS Panic

Receive 24/7 emergency assistance, wherever you may be.

Roadside Assistance

Our call-out service will cover one hour’s labour for a locksmith, jump start, flat tyre and fuel support,** as well as a bodyguard service. ** Maximum of two incidents per annum. Cost of fuel and parts will be for the customer’s account.

Keeps my vehicle moving

Medical Assistance

Emergency medical services and transportation as well as medical advice, information and a crisis line.* * Advisory and referral service only. Associated costs are for the customer or the customer’s medical aid account.

Towing (Breakdown & Accident)

Free towing to either an approved dealer or competent mechanic within a 40km radius plus free storage for up to 48 hours.

Crashguard (Requires Ctrack System)

We detect high g-force incidents and will be able to dispatch medical assistance to your location.

Sends help when I've had an accident

Legal Assistance

A 30 minute legal consultation and access to standard documents.

Home Drive

Should the day have been too much, we have included two home drive trips per annum (up to 30km each).*** *** Additional distance charged per kilometer.

Marketing & Distribution of Ctrack’s Value Added Services is carried out by LOYALTY LIFE.

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