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Simple to use, our Ctrack DRIVE solution provides all the fleet management tools business owners will ever need.

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Accuracy. Precision. Insight.

By providing accurate, precise and live insights, SMME’s can now expertly manage and administer their company’s vehicles and reveal unforeseen costs and inefficiencies, thanks to DRIVE from Ctrack.

Ctrack DRIVE is an affordable, feature-rich Software as a Service (SaaS) solution ideal for SMME’s and company’s with small fleets. The mobile solution is perfectly-suited to companies whose vehicles are not their core business.

Simple to use, our Ctrack DRIVE solution provides all the fleet management tools business owners will ever need, at affordable cost and without the costs and complexity.

Ctrack DRIVE’s intuitive dashboard can be viewed and administered on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices and provides a top-down view of all vehicles, drivers and tasks, simultaneously.

Real time vehicle tracking

Locates vehicles and drivers in real-time through easy to use map software, maps indicate a driver’s current location as well as where they’re headed to next, giving small businesses the ability to provide their customers with updated estimated times of arrival.

The solution can provide a full overview of a company’s in-progress and scheduled tasks, with the tracking of deliveries and job statuses performed in real-time. With Ctrack Drive, it is possible to schedule jobs beforehand, assigning these to specific drivers and/or vehicles, as required.

After entering the tasks for the day, the built-in route optimisation function provides the most efficient routes for drivers to travel. This radically reduces the time taken and distances driven, as well as the amount of fuel consumed on a daily basis. It means drivers waste no time phoning controllers for assistance.

Manage all your drivers, vehicles and tasks from one place

Meet Drive, Ctrack’s new SMME fleet management solution that helps managers of small-to-medium sized businesses easily track and monitor drivers and vehicles in real time. With a host of features, this new solution will improve the management, safety, efficiency and productivity of your mobile workforce, ensuring increased profitability for your business.

Experience the benefit of being with Ctrack Drive.

Operational Improvement

How long are your drivers and vehicles on the road? How far are they driving? How long does a task or delivery take to complete? With Ctrack Drive, the answers to all your questions are always just a click away.

Driver Application

Thanks to the power of smartphones, no dedicated in-cab device is needed to communicate with drivers. The Ctrack Drive app provides drivers with up-to-date information for their day’s tasks and routes, ensuring all tasks are completed on time.

Real Time Updates

Always be informed of a task’s status with real-time GPS updates on each vehicle’s current location and estimated time of arrival.

Ctrack DRIVE Logbook

Drivers are able to access a driver logbook report to assist in business
versus private trip claims and expenses.

Driver Behaviour Scoring

Our mobile app scores the driving style for each trip by looking at speed, cornering, braking, etc. and highlighting areas for improving safety. This results in less speeding fines, accidents and vehicle maintenance, which helps you save money.

Complete overview of tasks & deliveries

Ctrack Drive offers a full overview of ongoing and scheduled tasks for the day. This is visualised by viewing a driver on a map to see current location, and where the next task is situated.

Routing & Navigation

Simply enter the tasks for the day and our route optimisation function will provide the most efficient route, complete with turn-by-turn GPS navigation
for drivers.

Vehicle Admin & Reporting

Ctrack Drive provides all the tools to manage and administer your vehicles, complete with powerful analytics.