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Fleet monitoring streamlines your operation.

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Fleet monitoring streamlines your operation

Introducing Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Service

Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Service is a full outsource of fleet control room activities backed by highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and reporting for the streamlining of a fleet operation.

Dedicated fleet controllers meticulously monitor vehicle movements, incidents, alerts and alarms from our 24/7 Support Centre – providing real-time support in optimising fleet operations.

Our highly experienced fleet consultants interrogate and interpret vehicle data to provide the insights and actions needed for future cost reduction and operation improvement.

By outsourcing these tasks to Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Service, you save on cost and are able to focus on your core business, and most importantly, the bottom line.


Driver Monitoring

  • 24/7 Driver monitoring: speed, harsh events, unscheduled stops, vehicle abuse
  • Optimising driver productivity

Real-time route monitoring

  • Fleet management software
  • 24/7 Live eyes-on-screen route monitoring
  • Dedicated fleet controllers for your entire fleet
  • Schedule adherence
  • Constant direct communication with the driver
  • Geo zone mapping and adherence
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
    Daily health checks

Data Analytics

  • Comprehensive data analysed and simplified for your convenience
  • Rich fleet analytics data: POI visits and duration count, driver behaviour, etc.

Consultancy Service

  • Expert Fleet Consultants

24/7 Emergency Support Centre

  • 24/7 Fleet monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Panic alarms
  • Tamper alarms
  • Stolen vehicle recovery support
  • Vehicle immobilisation (Illegal movement prevention)
  • 1 Hour free bodyguard/vehicle escorting service
  • Helicopter/Air response (Available at an additional charge)


  • Detailed weekly and monthly reports tailored to your needs
  • Variety of powerful reports available at your disposal: productivity, safety, travelling time, KM usage, after hours, driver behaviour, POI visits, EXCO monthly summary, and many more.


Driver Monitoring

  • Any size fleet (cars, vans and trucks)
  • All types of transport operations
  • Courier, supply chain and logistics