Keeping abreast with trends


If there is one constant with telematics, it’s change. New technology emerges rapidly, and the way technology is used evolves all the time. To stay on top of these ever evolving trends is the key to success in the telematics industry.

“Ctrack is always looking to the future with continued investment in research and development, enabling us to fulfil our customers’ needs through technologically advanced solutions and services. We rely on feedback from our customer base, installers and distributors to implement new features in order to deliver more advantages to them,” says Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions.

Why companies look to tracking devices

GPS tracking is not only about tracking your vehicle in the case of hijacking or theft; it’s about reducing operating costs and inefficiencies in the field. GPS tracking systems have proven to reduce fuel and maintenance costs, increase routing and dispatching efficiency, provide safety and security for drivers, and increase response speed and accuracy to customer questions.

GPS tracking should not be viewed as a product. Rather, it’s a service to which a fleet operator subscribes – a service that delivers information a fleet manager lacks the means to collect, but helps increase the company’s overall productivity and profitability. It can benefit almost all businesses, whether their transportation facilities include company cars for employees,  a fleet of vans going from one job to the next or a convey of heavy trucks leaving the depot to transport goods countrywide.

Key to this, however, is to understand a customer’s individual challenges and requirements. Says Jordt: “Ctrack works with fleet managers to integrate the fleet management solution as seamlessly as possible, interpret telematics data and apply it to improve operational efficiencies, and provide knowleadgable, accessible technical and sales support to cover service issues.”

Benefits of a fleet management system: The Ctrack solution

Ctrack’s fleet management products offer customers fuel and maintenance cost savings, real-time visibility, operational control and efficiency, productivity improvements, and enhanced security. Customers also receive environmental benefits from route optimisation and CO2 emission reporting. It is proven that this can contribute to saving up to 20% in fuel and maintenance costs.

Driver behaviour also has a major influence on fuel and maintenance costs. By monitoring harsh events such as acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding, Ctrack can provide the fleet owner with driver behaviour reports to encourage drivers to drive more responsibly and, in so doing, contribute to cost savings.

The case for SME’s

As telematics has become more affordable and effective, smaller fleets are benefitting in larger numbers. Now that larger fleets have made the business case for their use, small businesses are becoming more comfortable making the investment in a telematics solution.

“No matter how big or small your fleet, you need a company that understands your needs and will help you achieve maximum productivity whilst keeping costs low. Ctrack has the tools that can provide that: Apart from having 30 years’ experience in the industry, we can also provide you with powerful analytics and business intelligence for informed decision-making,” concludes Jordt.

Compiled by Leané du Plessis.

This article was originally published in aBrMove.