M2M numbers are changing to 14-digit numbers


Following a recent ICASA ruling, and to satisfy the need for more phone numbers, all Machine-to-Machine (M2M) numbers will increase from 10-digit to 14-digit numbers at the end of August 2015.

The ICASA ruling stipulates that M2M numbers need to change due to the limitations on the number range. The change has a dependency on the cellular service providers, the GSM networks, technical constraints and cooperation between role players.

Please Note: If you supply your own SIM card you will need to obtain the new 14-digit number from this Service Provider. If Ctrack provided you with the SIM card, we will send you further communication with your new number via an SMS.

If you run a GPRS server or Ctrack5 installation environment, Ctrack cannot migrate your numbers without you requesting migration. Your installation needs to be upgraded to the latest MaXx release, which will require a site visit.

Ctrack is committed to ensuring that this transition is successful. Any problems with regards to this change can be communicated to your relevant Branch or the Call Centre – 0860 333 444 (Option 5 for Technical Support). Alternatively an email with any queries can be sent to support@ctrack.co.za or customercare@ctrack.co.za.

Questions and Answers

Which tariff plans will be impacted by this change?
M2M Lite, M2M Data, M2M Chip Lite, M2M Chip Data, M2M Extend, M2M Pro

How does the Regulation impact Machine-to-Machine customers?
There are two main impacts that the Regulation has on numbers used in Machine-to-Machine applications:
– A new dedicated number range is used with prefixes 096, 097 and 098.
– The length of the MSISDN (a number uniquely identifying a subscription in a GSM or UMTS mobile network) increases from 10 to 14 digits.

What is the aim of the Regulation?
The dramatic increase in the amount of M2M devices being deployed in South Africa as well as the expected growth in the market has made it necessary to create a dedicated number range in order to free up numbers in the traditional voice and data number ranges.

Will my SIM card need to be replaced?
No, you can continue using the same SIM card.

Do the new numbers have the same functionality as the current ones?
There is no change to the functionality of the SIM or the tariff.

Will there be any downtime when the numbers are migrated?
No, there will be no system downtime experienced as a result of the change.