Save fuel with Ctrack Crystal

The ever-increasing fuel price continues to put pressure on motorists and businesses. Unfortunately, as consumers, we are at the mercy of government and global oil prices.

For many businesses that operate fleets, driving less is not an option. The most apparent solution is finding ways to use vehicles more efficiently.


Ctrack recently launched Crystal, a fully customisable platform that combines all the existing functionality and a variety of new features into a new cloud-based platform that is easy to use, and allows fleet managers to react more effectively.

A new driver app launched alongside Ctrack Crystal features a comprehensive host of intuitive functionality, including the ability to monitor fuel usage and efficient driving easily.

"The way vehicles are used can have a significant impact on the running costs of a business, and Ctrack is able to equip customers with the tools to easily and efficiently monitor a variety of factors that have a direct impact on fuel consumption," says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

The most significant contributor to inflated fuel usage is excessive speed. With Ctrack hardware and the Crystal platform, managers and business owners can monitor speed and reduce speed violations, positively impacting fleet and driver safety and reducing fuel consumption significantly. Further measures can be implemented by adding speed limiters that can prevent drivers from speeding entirely or according to pre-determined Geo Zones.

Adopting a smooth driving technique is the most economical way to drive, as is maintaining a constant speed on the open road and sticking to the speed limit.

Through monitoring and reporting, drivers can be coached on factors such as avoiding speeding up between intersections and excessively revving a vehicle.

Underinflated tyres are a huge contributor to unnecessary fuel consumption. Tyres should be checked regularly and inflated according to the manufacturer's specifications for the load being carried. This practice can be included in the pre-trip inspection functionality that forms part of the new Ctrack Crystal driver app.

One of the best ways to save fuel is to drive less, and this can be done by better route planning. The driver app includes a built-in navigation system that will ensure that vehicles are always travelling on the optimal route while incorporating multiple stops in the most efficient manner.

While the time of day that vehicles travel might be unavoidable in many cases, planning routes around peak hours will mean spending less time in traffic, shorter travelling time and less fuel used.

Ctrack Crystal allows fleet managers to easily populate reports on various parameters according to their needs. This reporting can be used to up-skill drivers by highlighting where they need to improve.

Fleet managers can support positive driving behaviour by monitoring driver skills, driver training and scoring models that result in a reduction of CPK cost. This all-new app gives fleet managers enhanced communication features such as voice commands, two-way messaging, job-listing, navigation and post-trip coaching, which can be shared with drivers to encourage efficient driving.

The app also allows drivers to manage themselves and see their own scores. Drivers who continually achieve good scores can be incentivised and rewarded, and a culture of good, efficient driving fostered.

Vehicle maintenance can also have a substantial effect on fuel consumption. Crystal's improved asset control allows fleet managers to stay ahead of service and maintenance schedules, licensing, and vehicle usage.

“Cost and inflationary pressure remains top of mind for any business, and at Ctrack we create solutions for fleet managers and business owners to be more productive, efficient, and ultimately to save cost” concludes Jordt.