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The real-time monitoring system that optimises the productivity and efficiency of both your vehicles and your staff, serving the public.

Managing fleets of utility vehicles, along with the efficiencies of operators and other employees, is a considerable challenge. With the variety of different vehicles, tasks, routes and people, ensuring optimal service delivery is an extremely complex undertaking.

Ctrack’s tracking and monitoring system, allows local authorities and utility providers to scrutinise, assess and act on information in real time to improve on efficiencies, abuse of equipment and maximise the safety of employees.

From verifying route completion or bin status on refuse vehicles, site conditions and obstructions affecting gully cleaners to salt dispersion flow and coverage on gritting machines in Europe, or the operating functions on road sweeping vehicles, Ctrack gives you a complete picture of vehicle and employee operations and the ability to reduce costs while greatly improving results.

Our systems helps to increase the number of completed jobs per day by optimising mobile resources, but also reduces overheads and realises substantial environmental benefits by improving fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, our driver behaviour solutions have a considerable operational impact by improving the way employees drive in order to enhance levels of efficiency and responsibility, as well as protect public perception and corporate image.


Real-time Visibility

Ctrack provides the right information at the right time via flexible software solutions. Ctrack Mobi, Ctrack Online and Ctrack MaXx provide in-depth operational information and management wherever, and whenever, you need it.

Our business intelligence platform provides fast and live data daily, in a customisable format, per depot, region or utility division. Ctrack is also capable of interfacing with third party systems, to adopt standardisation of policy reporting.

Safety & Security

Ctrack’s monitoring and tracking system ensures that employees’ safety is maximised, and alerts for unauthorised or out of area use or collisions mean vehicles’ safety is too. Security companies can improve their reaction and response times with full visibility of the fleet on mobile software platforms, resulting in peace of mind for their clients.

Driver Behaviour

Driver safety is supported through speed and RPM monitoring which also helps to reduce vehicle abuse. The unauthorised use of vehicles is prevented with the use of Driver I.D.

Ctrack also streamlines accident management and reporting by providing historical data such as speed, direction and location, assisting in incident investigations and protecting authorities against fraudulent claims.

Operational Control

Ctrack allows local authorities and municipalities total operational control of their fleets, providing detailed, accurate records for billing and maintenance records. Other features are;

  • Integrated Hour Meters.
  • PTO and other input monitoring to record activity and status of items such as seat belts, doors and fuel caps to improve safety and reduce shrinkage.
  • Fuel Level and Consumption Monitoring via (CANBUS), as well as report on other key engine management data, such as engine and oil temperatures, as well as aid with preventative maintenance scheduling.

The real-time vehicle monitoring and fleet management system that ensures better response times.

Ctrack’s advanced vehicle monitoring and fleet management systems give police and security companies the technology and tools to streamline inefficiencies and enable faster dispatch of vehicles.

With over 45 000 Ctrack systems installed, The South African Police Service (SAPS) has recorded a marked improvement in the response times from the emergency 10111 call centre in combating crime and fleet operation costs have reduced substantially.

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